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The Beauty Makeover that truly transforms from the inside-out

CreateFest Free Makeover Booth

CreateFest Manila was success thanks to everyone who came, especially to those who put their heart into their booths and workshops. Watch the whole event here or click the photo above. Thanks to my brother who took over the vlog!

So thankful to have been part of this creative event and to those who allowed me the honor of doing their beauty makeover at my booth.

I had the pleasure of talking with each of the lovely ladies while doing their skincare and makeup which was, by the way, provided by Neutra Organics.

I decided to give each face a sun-kissed look and the results were stunning. Here are the before-and-after photos below.

My goal was not to change the way they looked or to make them look like someone else. But to enhance the beauty I see in them so they, too, can truly mirror or reflect it.

I believe I’ve achieved that goal because when they finally looked at the mirror, their smiles got even wider and their countenance radiated with more confidence.

I cannot tell you how happy I felt just seeing them transform from the inside-out.



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