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How to Get Fuller Lashes Pronto!


Faux stip lashes can be intimidating. Have you ever applied them without messing up?

I mean after the 100th time of application you would’ve mastered the art but what if you just want lash extensions without the practice. And let’s not forget how heavy full strips are!

Like in the case of my twin sister. She has never applied faux lashes before but on the day of her wedding, she wanted more lashes without the hassle and weight, pronto!

And her alternative was individual fake lashes.

Lucky her, I’ve learned a few tricks from Lisa Eldridge how to apply individual fake lashes. Although she did her own makeup (which came out amazing by the way), being a makeup artist herself, I’ve had the pleasure in making my sister’s lashes bat for days!

I’ve seen Lisa work her magic in many of her videos that they instilled in me the confidence to do just that. Here’s a few simple steps I keep in mind.

get your lashes batting
2. Apply mascara

2. Apply mascara

Start from the roots of the lashes and wiggle the wand through. Do this several times until you get the desired thickness and curl. My twin sister used L’Oreal’s Voluminous Miss Manga Waterproof Mascara.

2. Apply lash glue

2. Apply lash glue

Take an individual lash with a tweezer. Dip the root into a lash glue on the back of your hand and wait until it gets tacky. I used Crown’s Professional Tweezer and a lash glue that came with another lash kit my sister had. But I usually go for the Duo Lash Adhesive.

2. Apply individual lash

2. Apply individual lash

When the glue is tacky apply the individual lash on the natural lashes close to but not on the lash line. Repeat with as many lashes until you get the desired faux volume. I used Ardell’s DuraLash Naturals Flare in short and medium flare alternatively to create a doe-eyed effect. My sister loved it!

Here’s a more detailed tutorial video Lisa created a few years ago but I still love it. She shows how to apply individual fake eyelashes in great detail.

You’ll be a pro in no time!

Hope you’ve learned something new!