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How to Look Fresh with Makeup

how to look fresh with makeup // remy tongol

Who else loves to keep their skin fresh this spring? Especially, now that it’s getting hotter!

I know I have with my latest skincare routine. But while no makeup is required to keep my skin fresh, most of the time I need to look fresh (as if I’ve had a full night’s rest).

For the late nights that show up on my face the morning after, I need a little makeup to achieve that fresh “no-makeup” look.

Yes, a little goes a long way without the worry of it melting off!

And I have a tutorial about it. Wanna know how to look fresh with makeup? Click here!

This look has always been my “go-to” almost every single time when I need that pick-me-up. And it seems as though spring has never left my face! 🙂

The video may be old and I may not be using the same products but I thought of sharing it with you again because it’s still my habitual beauty routine

And it’s still springtime!

I also share a positive message at the end of the video for those of you who want to know how to look good from the inside out. 🙂

(Note that this look doesn’t require for your skin to be blemish-free nor does it promises perfect coverage. Otherwise, it would be a dead give away that you’re wearing makeup when you’re not suppose to!)

What’s your “go-to” “no-makeup” look? How do you like to keep it fresh? Tell me on the comments. I wanna know and learn new things!



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