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Magical Glow Inspired by My Childhood // #PacificaMuse 2nd Entry

magical 80's 90's glow // remy tongol

I made it to #PacificaMuse’s Top 30! This is crazy!

For the 2nd entry we’re challenged to create a look inspired by our formative years. And Pacifica Beauty sent each of us a box full of makeup and skincare worth $200.

That’s more than enough product to get creative with! I must say that each of them are incredible and beautifully scented as you’ll see in the video. <3

It’s amazing that we’re still being influenced by the times and memories that has made an impact in our lives.

So I created my entry with 2 glowing looks inspired my formative years of the 80’s and 90’s. Good times!

At the end of the video you are given a chance to get me to the 3rd round by voting. For more info on how to vote visit

I hope you enjoy and vote for me!

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